Areas of Expertise

Identifying, engaging and building relationships with Excellence

Apart from the entire breadth of media relations services, our team also delivers specialized communication solutions in the areas of Sustainability, Digital Media, Crisis Management and Corporate Governance.

Our specialized solutions are based on an open service model that enables clients to have access to best of breed experts.

Areas we address with special expertise

Sustainability Agenda

Your organization’s agenda is no longer just about Profits and People. Today, the Planet is the third and critical element of an organization’s triple bottom-line. Sustainability is not a buzzword but a key concern among your stakeholders who are interested in knowing the impact of how environmentally conscious and responsible your business operations are.

Crisis Management

Reputations take years to build and only seconds to destroy. Mishandling a crisis can be expensive and sometimes, fatal to your corporate image. We help your organization effectively control and manage a crisis to protect your reputation.

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

Our methodology helps identify, analyse, engage, educate, and create awareness of issues that are relevant to our clients.

Research and analysis

Our team provides market intelligence and sector specific reports on issues /policy/political decisions and their impact on our clients business. The team monitors not only through desk research but also through our network across relevant stakeholder organizations.

Crisis and issues monitoring and management

Develop a plan to identify & define, scenarios, procedures and manage other dependencies including stakeholder communications, effective and efficient monitoring and management of crisis.

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