No more Human Resource In Future!!! Really?

Last updated on January 4, 2020

Artificial Intelligence!

A word which is gradually becoming a threat for every job profile!

Will AI take the place of HR in the future?

Do you think AI will dominate the market of recruitment?

In a war between machine and humans, its always emotions that wins the race.

Human Resource is the profession, which involves personal attachments and emotions

AI can speed up the recruitment process, but hiring is more than just hire.

Let’s find out why AI can’t take over the job of recruitment.

Making a bond with candidates

AI can be used in automated software, in shortlisting 1000 of profiles at one time, automating the whole process but when it comes to building a relationship with the candidates, it lacks behind.

Human resource is not only about hiring candidates but it is about making a sweet relationship with them so that job seeker will trust your organization the next time when they will look for a job. It’s all about personally treating every candidate with your polite attitude.

Machines operate according to the algorithms so they can assist to a certain extent. But human with their convincing power can make up the mind of the clients or the candidate.

Human recruiters can sell a job

AI works according to the algorithms but human resources can sell a job.

Many times it happens that client rejects your proposal or candidate refuses to join the company, In that case, the role of human resource comes into play.

HR can convince them to do business or join the firm with their communication and marketing skills which are not possible with the help of bots. 

AI can never love their Job.

Of course, machines can never love their job, they are devoid of feelings. But human resource does their job by putting their heart and soul in the work.

Perfection also requires a passion to succeed in any job. If you don’t love your job then you can never succeed in what you are doing.

Judging candidate’s interpersonal skills 

AI can match the perfect profiles but cannot judge the skills of the candidate in the interview. Here again, comes the role of recruiters. Selecting a perfect candidate is in the hands of HR which is not possible with the help of AI.

Communication skills, confidence, experience and there are many other ways of judging any candidate in the interview which is not possible with AI.

You can’t rely on AI all the time

A machine can betray you at any time. After all, it is just a machine. AI can’t be there all the time but human resource can be available 24 hours. 

Robotics can only speed up the recruitment process by going through step by step process as instructed.

But Human resource can find various ways and platforms to find better cv’s and clients.

Both Human Resource and Artificial Intelligence can work together to take the recruitment business to the next level

  • Both can work together. AI can speed up the recruitment process whereas Human resource can help with screening and selecting the right candidates by judging their communication skills.
  • For overseas recruitment, AI can play a very vital role in the initial screening of the candidates. It can schedule the interview at their timings as commanded by the human resource.

At every step, AI will be needing the assistance of Human resource and therefore AI can’t dominate the recruitment industry without the assistance of human resource.


Top Automated Recruiting Softwares of 2019

1.     Zoho Recruit

2.     Dice

3.     Smart Recruiters

4.     Hiretual

5.   CEIPAL TalentHire

6.   Entelo

7.   Comet

8.   Hired

9.   Interstellar

10. Seek Out

At last 

Artificial intelligence can never take over the job of human resource instead, it can act as a catalyst for all recruitment agencies in hiring perfect candidates

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