MR.BEAN – Excellence is not an act but a HABIT

For those who don’t know about Rowan Atkinson

In one line, Rowan is a man who made the world smile with his beautiful and skillful acts.  He is a comedian known for doing silent comedy. His character, Mr. Bean is world-famous. In a very short period, he touched the heights of success with his will power and determination.

Rowan too struggled to get into comedy as he was rejected multiple times due to his speaking disorder and unappealing face

Unknown Facts about Rowan Atkinson

  1. Atkinson was born in a middle-class family whose father was a farmer
  2. The name of his most well-known role; Mr. Bean, was originally supposed to be Mr. White then it was changed to Mr. Cauliflower and finally decided to be Mr. Bean
  3. Due to his stammering, he was rejected by several TV shows
  4. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Rowan were the classmates.
  5. Mr. Bean is a car lover. Few from his collection are Renault 5 GT Turbo, Honda Civic Hybrid, McLaren F1 and Austin Metro to name a few.
  6. He is a big fan of James Bond. Rowan even got a chance to appear in James Bond’s movie in 1983.
  7. Rowan married Sunetra Sastry – BBC makeup artist in 1990 and get divorced in 2015.
  8. Mr. Bean holds dual degrees from two different universities.
  9. He is invited as the guest at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage
  10. Once Atkinson managed to save himself and the pilot when the pilot of his private jet suddenly fainted and he maintained the plane in air until the pilot recovered

His famous Quotes

  1. “Mr. Bean is at his best when he is not using words, but I am equally at home in both verbal and nonverbal expression”
  2.  “I want to express myself in a different way. I have a performing inclination”
  3. “To be successful, you don’t need a beautiful face, what you need is skillful mind and ability to perform.”
  4. “I have always worried about things more than I should.”
  5. “I tend to be quite and introspective.”
  6. “I consider myself more of a visual comedian then a physical one.”

Facts about Mr.Bean

  1. Only 14 episodes of Mr. Bean were ever produced.
  2. Mr. Bean series was telecasted in around 200 countries.
  3. The character was inspired by the  French comedian  Jacques Tati
  4. In 2012, the character, Mr. Bean retired

Things to learn from Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean)

Mr. Bean changed the definition of attractiveness by proving his talent by his expressions and silent acting. Rowan can teach us:

  1. Your Face and your physical disability don’t decide your success, but your talent and skills do
  2. You should have the power to turn your weakness into strength
  3. Fail again, Fail better
  4. Never give up in life
  5. Have the courage to make the fun of yourself
  6. Age is just a number. You can fulfill your dreams anytime and at any stage of life
  7. The Secret of happiness- Enjoy your own company

So readers, hope you loved the facts about world’s best comedian actor – Rowan Atkinson

If you love Mr. Bean, then please comment on your favorite episodes of Mr. Bean in the comment section and keep reading my blogs on such inspirational personalities

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