Are you losing candidates by committing these 7 recruitment mistakes?

Hello Recruiters,

Feeling the burden of filling the positions in a quick span of time?

Or tired of searching for ideal candidates?

Whatever is the situation, the solution of all your problems lies in your way of recruiting the candidates.

Ever wondered, what’s going wrong in your recruitment process? If no, then you will find out, after reading these 7 recruiting mistakes committed by most agencies.

1.Unfitting Job Postings

Invest your time on job postings.

“Don’t be limited by your Job Description”

–    Stacey Snider

Long and detailed JDs are read by none. You can lose your ideal candidate by writing a bad Job description.

Focus on the short and precise job description that will surely assist you in attracting the cream of the crop.

Points to focus while writing a Job Description:

•    Proper and candidate-driven job title

•    A short and meaningful description

•    Avoid writing irrelevant skills needed for the job profile

•    Job posting on the relevant job portal site

2. Selection of the wrong candidate

Don’t hire, when in doubt

“Time spent on hiring is the time well spent”

–    Robert Half

There is nothing worse than mistakenly recruiting the wrong candidate for the organization. Proper screening of the right candidate is equally important in the hiring process.

Don’t stop your search until and unless you find the right candidate.

Points to keep in mind when looking for the right candidate:

•    Match the skills of the candidate with your requirements

•    Test the skills of the candidate by asking qualifying questions

•    Check the profile of the candidate on all relevant job portals like Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

•    Check and verify their all documents including experiences and qualifications

3.Failing to follow-up

Keep an eye on the ideal candidate.

Recruiters commit this mistake very often, especially the newcomers and the fresher.

Whether your selected resource is shortlisted or not, it is always good to have a follow-up session with the recruited candidate.

It helps in building a long-term relationship with the candidate and opens the door for future opportunities.

Points to keep in mind while taking follow up:

–    Always check the status of the shortlisted candidate

–    Always take the feedback about the company and the interview process from the candidate.

–    If rejected by your recommended company, then try to schedule his interview in other target company, if possible.

4.Hiring registration fees from the candidates

Recruit. Don’t buy them.

Charging registration fees from the candidates not only reflects your agency’s bad reputation but also questions your recruitment process.

It is one of the most recruiting mistakes done by any recruitment agency.

Avoid doing that.

Such recruitment agencies are blocked by the candidates.

5. Not delivering feedback to the rejected candidates

Treat them like a family.

Another recruiting mistake, most recruiters commit is they don’t reply to the candidates who ask for the feedback after the interview.

It can have a negative impact on your recruitment agency, as by doing so, you are not only losing your potential candidate but also closing the doors for other potential employees.

6.Impolite behaviour with the candidates

Soft skills always work.

Your bad mood should not affect your recruitment process. Treat your every candidate with the smile on your face and sweetness on your tongue.

Even if your selected candidate didn’t show up for the interview, you can always take the follow up politely and ask for the reason behind not showing up.

Committing recruiting mistake of taking your candidate lightly can cost you your job.

7. Checking for the details of the Clients

Trust helps to win the race

Last but not least; beware while accepting requirements from the clients. It is another recruiting mistake for most recruiting agencies to make. Sometimes, after the selection of the candidate, clients deny paying to the hiring consultancy for delivering the ideal candidate.

Always check for the relevancy of the organization and have the agreement in the paper.

Over to you:

Recruiting the candidate is easy, but recruiting the right candidate at the right time, with the proper attitude is important.

If you have committed any of the recruiting mistake mentioned above, then kindly share with us in the comment section.

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