8 Amazing Tips for picking the Best Staffing Agency for your firm

Last updated on January 6, 2020

“You’re not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation.”

Hello, companies,

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Are you tired of getting unfit candidates for your firm?

Are you looking for an agency which can provide quality candidates?

Wondering how to find the best staffing agency for your company?

Don’t worry! Here I am sharing 8 Amazing Tips for picking the best staffing agency for your firm

Let’s go.

1. Enquire about the Staffing Services

Enquiring about the staffing services is the first step in searching for the best staffing agency.

Some staffing agencies offer only contractual hiring while some deliver all staffing services like permanent hiring, payroll management, etc.

Look for such agencies which provide talent according to your requirements.

2. Understand their Hiring Model

Don’t rely on companies saying that they have a huge portfolio of candidates matching the expectations of the companies and then randomly delivers the CV from the database.

“Time spent on hiring, is time well spent.”

Instead, select the agency which freshly finds and selects the candidates matching your profile completely.

3. Check their ranking and reviews online

Stay away from agencies with low ranking and poor hiring ratio.

It is always the best practice to check for the positive reviews and SEO ranking of the staffing agency before selecting one for your firm.

Reviews of the clients will help you understand their quality of work they do and their popularity among well-known companies.

Leading staffing companies have good clients in numbers, therefore, can be trustable.

4. Team Size

Good staffing agencies have an amazing team of experienced and skilled HR executives.

Look for such agencies which have recruiting experts in big numbers and who can provide candidates in a quick span of time.

Recruitment agencies with low team size may take time to deliver candidates in a quick span of time. Go for agencies who have specialized recruiters for every industry.

5. How they find the right candidate

Sometimes, even after the joining, candidates leave the company in a few months. This should not happen to you.

Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message, or network with someone you haven’t found

Make sure that the talent selected by the staffing agency is actively looking for a job, committed for long-term service and will not leave your company in a few months.

6. How Staffing Agencies do their Internal Hiring?

You can inform a great deal concerning a staffing firm from the manner in which they pull in and hold their own ability.

Upbeat workers are profitable, effective representatives. Try not to be hesitant to get some information about their very own inner enlisting and maintenance forms, just as their organizational culture.

Fruitful firms ought to will and ready to complete a touch of gloating about their capacity to construct an extraordinary team.

7. How old is the agency

Always look for the domain registration of the staffing agency. Look if it is a startup, few years old or more than the 8-year-old company.

Age of the company reflects its position in the market. A successful agency will have a good position in the market and is reliable to work with.

8. Check for their terms and conditions.

Be aware of the fake agencies who not only charges from the companies but also from candidates. Such agencies have a very bad reputation in the market.

While hiring a staffing agency, always ask for their business proposal before making any agreement with them.

Understand their terms and conditions and if it matches with your company then go ahead with requirements.

Wrap Up!

Working with a staffing agency is a good idea when your aim is to hire the quality candidates for your firm.

Whether you want to hire talent on a contract basis or want to hand over their payroll, hiring the recruitment company can assist you in getting the right talent at the right time.

If you are looking for the best staffing agency, then 99 jobs Pvt Ltd is the best fit for your firm.

So, guys, I hope you found this blog useful for your firm.

Keep sharing your reviews in the comment box.

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