7 Winning skills every recruitment manager needs to have

Last updated on January 6, 2020

“Sure, you can send me your CV
And I will store it in a database named “not going to remember who you are tomorrow”

Hello Recruiting Managers,

Hired at the post of Business Development manager in a staffing company?

Have to lead a team of recruiters?

Looking for recruitment skills to be successful?

No worries.

Recruitment manager is expected to bring leads and productivity via recruitment as well as is responsible for the overall development of the firm.

If you’re in the industry of hiring candidates and leading a team of recruiters, then you are expected to have a pretty good command over your hiring skills.

Hold your horses. You will surely find the most worthy recruitment skills in the below section.

Let’s go.

1. Team Leading Ability

First recruitment skill every hiring manager should have is the ability to guide the HR team in a proper direction.

As a team leader, you are expected to

  • Set the goals, monitor the performance and look into the operations very closely and carefully.
  • Don’t act like a boss, but as a mentor and coach.
  • Take the responsibility when any of the team members fails to complete the target
  • Keep guiding your team from time to time.Boost their confidence and appreciate the team for their good work.

2. Recruiting and Hiring Skills

A candidate gets the first impression of the company from the recruiting manager. The way you treat your candidates determines your success rate.

The hiring manager needs to have these recruitment skills:

  • Politeness is very important for every call, so mind your Ps and Qs while talking.
  • Don’t dare to avoid the candidate even after the rejection. Be in touch with him for other opportunities.
  • Understanding where to catch great candidates and how to bring them on board is a critical HR skill.

3. Innovative skills

Hiring managers should have the ability to think out of the box by having these winning skills:

  • Remain updated with the latest hiring tools, techniques and procedures.
  • Always try to manage and improve the employment process.
  • Speed up your hiring process by getting yourself acquainted with new recruiting software.
  • Keeping a spy on competitor’s strategies.

4. Networking

Building the network is an essential part of the recruitment and being the recruiting manager, you should:

  • Be an active participant in the job fairs, career seminars and workshops.
  • Interaction with other HR professionals and company managers to discuss hiring policies.
  • Attend client meetings, whenever and wherever required

5. Knowledge about the Industry

Every HR manager should research about the job vacancy before beginning the process of hiring. You should be well versed with the Job description and is able to answer the candidate’s queries.

Points to note:

  • Read the Job Description carefully and understand the requirement.
  • Test the skills of the candidate by asking questions related to a particular industry.
  • Utilize your recruitment skills in convincing the candidate to show up for the interview

6. Multi-Tasking Skills

In some huge organizations, each HR individual has one explicit capacity, for example, preparing or remuneration.

 Be that as it may, in many organizations, you’re in charge of numerous things in the meantime.

You have to switch forward and backward immediately in light of the fact that you will manage emergencies frequently.

  • At one point, you have to bring clients for business, at the other hand , you have to look after what HR team is doing.
  • In addition to making appointments with clients, Recruiting managers have to keep an eye on other tasks as well like scheduling interviews, maintaining record of the clients and candidates.
  • You should be ready with other alternative , in case if candidate leaves the client’s company in a very short span of time

7. Able to complete given Target

The placement industry is competitive and target-driven, therefore, it is crucial that the recruiter can handle pressure very well, is target-oriented, eager and hungry for results.

Staffing agencies generally offer essential compensations and additional payments, also called OTE – on target earnings.

So to earn these benefits, one should have to work hard.

So, to achieve targets on time, recruiting manager should have this winning skill in the pocket.

Over to you.

So recruiters, Hope this blog helped you in identifying your weakness and helped you in finding the right recruitment skills.\

If any additional recruitment skill that you think is essential for the hiring manager, then kindly write down in comments below.

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