7 Reasons you are losing your good Employees

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”

– Jack Welch

Employees are the foundation of any firm. It is the result of the hard work of employees that takes your business to the top level

But if they decide to quit their job, then it’s not the job they quit, but the work culture and management they quit.

Let’s figure out why your good employees are quitting the job

1. No Growth within the company

Yes of course, who will be happy in such an organization where there is no space for opportunities?

Provide a learning environment for the employees, set them free to experiment things, to try new trends and updates. It will be beneficial for your firm

Job seekers always look for companies where they get the opportunity to work on new technologies, where they can enhance and boost their skills

2. Management is not good

“Ordinary employees become amazing when they are trained by amazing bosses”

Majority of times, it is your manager or boss, because of which employees quit their jobs.

Being a Boss doesn’t mean that you have to be tough all the time.

Instead of giving orders or deadlines, the manager should always try to solve the problems of his employees.

Instead of being bossy, he should be friendly with his team and ready to listen to the advice and suggestions offered by his team.

Therefore, always try to provide the resources your employees need and help them with the new system

3. No appreciation and Recognition for the Hard Work

Acknowledgment goes far in keeping workers glad. Representatives need to realize that their work is esteemed and their commitments aren’t going unnoticed.

Quiet from chiefs can persuade they aren’t regarded and at last drive them to search for another activity. Be careful about acknowledgment that is excessively conventional and generic, as it can really accomplish more mischief than anything.

Ensure that workers are getting acknowledgment for the correct things. On the off chance that their commitments to a huge task go unnoticed however they’re much of the time remunerated for littler achievements, that is sending a blended message

4. Modifications in the systems

Modifications in management, team forces at work, or company policy can force any employee to quit his job

Not all but some employees do not accept such changes and decide to quit.

The hiring of a new manager can make the employee uncomfortable as it becomes difficult for him to accept the new manager after having a long good relationship with his ex-manager

5. No Extra benefits and holidays

If someone is working hard for your company, then it’s your responsibility to provide a friendly work culture and extra benefits to your employees.

Whether it is the benefit of providing holidays, flexible timings or a work from home facility, employees have the right to enjoy their benefits if they are involved in the achievements of your firm.

6. No or Less Salary Increment

Everyone earns for the money and if it is the only thing you are not getting, then there is no use of working in that company.

If companies will not take care of the employees, then it will take just a second to hold the papers of their resignation.

Time to time salary increment helps in retaining good employees

7. Feel overworked

Don’t let your employees work after office hours. There should be a balance between their official and personal life.

Working after office hours can annoy your employees and could push them to decide on quitting the job

Be particular with the office timings and never push your employees to work after office hours

Wrap UP

It is not the job but the work culture that forces your good employees to decide on quitting your firm.

Employees can make up your business or can bring your business down, so always take care of your good employees with your positive attitude towards them

If you are upset with your company policies, then do share with us your experiences

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