7 Dangerous Mistakes to Avoid in Startups

Starting a business isn’t always easy. There are several things to consider and decisions to make; the burden can cause you to make a wrong decision that can upset your caliber potential for success.

While there isn’t any rocket-science to the heights of success, but there are many common and risky mistakes many new business holders make that can harmfully impact your businesses.

So let’s point out 7 lethal mistakes that can hamper the growth of your business

1. Skipping the Planning Stage

Planning and market research is the first step in starting any business. If you fail in this very first step, then you will not be able to carry with further steps.

Proper planning like market research about your competitors, your target audience, your location, and many more things have to be considered while planning something new and big.

Your mission and vision should be clear.

2. Not Thinking about USP

Your business isn’t similar to some other business out there. On the off chance that it was, you most likely wouldn’t have begun the business in any case.

To showcase your business adequately, you have to distinguish what separates you from the challenge. Begin by making a one of a kind selling suggestion (USP) that you can allude to as you start advertising.

3.Not recognizing your Target Audience

One very general mistake of new small business owners is considering everyone to be its audience.

You can’t sell the comb to the bald man. You should identify your target audience when you are thinking of marketing your product or services.

It is essential because you can directly contact your target audience who needs your product or service

4. Not realizing the Power of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth marketing still has a powerful impact on any startup business.

If you are capable of selling your product or service, then ask your clients or customers to spread a word about your service to their relatives or friends, so that your marketing goal succeeds to some extent.

Feedback matters a lot when you start a new business.

5. Not believing in Social Media Marketing

Half of the world’s population is on social media and it is the best platform to showcase your products or services and you can even directly engage with your target audience.

Through social media, you can get a deep report of like how many people love your product or service or what strategy your competitors are adopting to be in the top spot.

6. SEO is equally important!

Your online presence reflects a lot about your business. You should have a website showcasing your business details like the history of your firm, services you provide, offers, etc.

Your business should have its presence on the first page of Google results; top ranking websites have more chances of getting leads,

So immediately hire a digital marketing expert to bring your website on the top spot

7. Not paying attention to the Recruitment

Every business requires smart employees who can take your firm to the next level, as any small business is nothing without an expert team. So immediately hire a top employment agency for your requirements.

Some of the notable staffing agencies you can reach out to are:

1.     TalentLyft

2.      careerplacementsindia

3.      alliancerecruitmentagency

4.      abcconsultants

5.      99 Jobs Pvt Ltd

Bonus information

Top Successful Indian Startup Companies in 2019

1.      Ola Cabs

2.      AddressHealth

3.      Zomato

4.      FreshToHome

5.      FreshMenu

6.      Myra

7.      The Minimalist

8.      Acko General Insurance

Wrap Up!

So, if you are thinking to open your own business or agency, then be careful at every step and read our above-mentioned steps to avoid committing any deadly mistake in the beginning.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box.

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