6 White Lies Recruiters Have to Hear Every day

“Sir, everything written in my CV is true and real

Hello Recruiters,

Have you ever heard candidates lying about their skills and qualifications?

I am sure your answer would be like “YES, ALMOST EVERYDAY”

That’s True. It happens.

Every candidate is in need of a good position in a reputed company.

And they can do anything to be placed in a good firm.

So let’s point out the 6 White Lies Recruiters Have to Hear Every day and how you can avoid them

1.    The reason they left their last job

Whenever you ask this question to any candidate, there are 80% chances that they will lie about it.

Generally, candidates try to hide the real reason behind leaving their last Job and prefer to be diplomatic in front of the recruiter.

They frame answers which are easy to digest for the recruiter.

However smart recruiter will recognize the untruth by observing the body language of the candidate and the way he speaks when he tells lie.

2. Eyes say it all

You may have seen “lie detectors” on a big screen. But in real life, so don’t have to be CID agent to detect someone’s untruth

Consistent twisting, moving eyes, or complete avoidance of eye to eye connection during noteworthy inquiries can mean a candidate is doubtful of their answers.

Try to repeat the questions 2 times in a gap during the interview to make sure he is consistent with his answers.

3. Is the candidate capable of working independently?

It is good to have a team player in your circle but not always.

Candidates who mention their work projects with the labels like “we” “they” instead of “I”,” me” are more inclined to the team projects.

Make sure, your candidate is independent player, and can handle projects independently

4. Is the CV true reflection of the candidate?

The CV should reflect the real image of the candidate but actually, it doesn’t.

Candidates lie about their qualification and skills. In such a situation, recruiters should try to go into the detail of each headline mentioned in the CV.

You can always test their skills via exam or assignment.

5. Always verify documents

It happens more often than the candidates lie about their documents and hesitate to submit it on time

Last 3 months salary slip, bank statement. Experience and relieving letter of the last company are few documents that need to be verified during the screening of the candidates.

6. “I am on my way” and he never turns up for the interview

This is what recruiters have to face every day. Candidates make fake promises and never appear for the interview.

To avoid such a situation, recruiters should confirm multiple times about their availability for the interview. Also, try to judge how serious they are for the interview

Wrap UP!

Smart recruiting requires smart judging quality. Behind every mask, there is a face and you have to identify that face.

So recruiters, am I missing any other lie that you have to deal with every day?

If yes then do share with me in the comments below.

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