6 Unknown Myths about Human Resource

HR has nothing to do”

“HR is the one who works to look beautiful and pleasing”

“HR works for employers, not employees“

“For being an HR, one doesn’t need to have talent”

Aren’t these are the common phrases that you hear almost every day on social media about HR?

I know, every HR can relate herself with these worthless lines.

So, Today I am going to list out the 6 unknown myths about Human Resource and what role they play in the life of every employee or the job seeker.

Myth 1. HR is unprofessional with the Job Seekers when it comes to reverting back

HR is the soul of any firm. It runs your business

Reality: HR is the soul of any company. For one position, HR has to schedule several interviews. Some are put on hold, some get rejected and some get shortlisted. The recruiter has to follow the orders of the senior department.

If a recruiter is not giving feedback after the interview, there may be a chance that you are put on hold or she is conducting more interviews before taking the final decision.

Therefore, it is wrong to blame HR for not reverting. It may take some time. So don’t believe in this myth about a human resource that they are unprofessional.

Myth 2.  HR Don’t work for the betterment of employees

Human Resource identifies and connects talented people together

Reality: Every employee thinks that HR is the boss and Recruiter can do anything. But that’s the myth. Human Resource has limited controls beyond which she can’t take a step.

If you ask her for a salary increment or long leave or for any other benefit, then she has to ask the higher command for approval. Remember HR is not the decision-maker.

So don’t blame HR manager for not approving your leaves.

Myth 3.  HR works to look beautiful and pleasant

Reality: Yes every HR does, but not to look just beautiful.

HR is a role where the extent of power you have lies in your capability to influence other people therefore, HR needs to have an appealing personality to influence others

Myth 4: HR is similar to the Class Monitor

Reality: One myth about Human Resource is that they are hired to monitor all the activities of the employees and will complain to the boss if anyone found guilty.

That’s not true.

This myth generates fear in the mind of employees.

HR is hired to maintain the environment that will help the employees to work at the best of their ability.

Myth 5. HR Always Takes the Company’s Side

Reality: HR is frequently seen as an unadulterated specialist of the organization that never advocates for the worker, and in less illuminated organizations and HR circles, that musing is acknowledged and sustained.

This, be that as it may, isn’t the ground truth. In its most elevated structure, HR attempts to maintain the estimations of the organization and take consistence, budgetary requirements and key objectives as a top priority when exploring contradicting perspectives and necessities.

Myth 6. Anyone can become HR. It doesn’t require Qualification

HR is the most wanted requirement in any firm

Reality: Wrong. HR should have excellent communication skills, convincing capabilities, management skills, and quality to handle multiple tasks at a time.

These skills are rare to find, hence not everyone can become an HR. For that, you should have leadership skills.

Why Human Resource

Human resources are the people who have the power to make your workplace, a wonderful place to work and enjoy.

It is the position, every company or agency requires.

HR is the voice of an employee not the barrier in his career.HR is the one who can convey your problems to the CEO or higher authority. Human Resource is not idle but an idol for every job seeker.

Wrap UP!

So let’s thank every HR who is responsible for hiring you in a reputed company and don’t blame them for every bullshit happening in your workplace.

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