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We’re a Dynamic Company With One Goal

To Help Your Business Grow

Increasing collaboration between the industry and the government has made public affairs a critical function that ensures the two work cohesively. In the last few years, 99Jobs Public Affairs has mirrored the journey of India’s public relations and public affairs. Under the leadership of Raviraj Poojary, CEO and Founder, we started a journey that has today led us to become a leading public relations and public affairs firm that delivers integrated communications services to some of the best global and Indian companies. Since we started public affairs consulting, we have witnessed its evolution into a strategic focus area for business leaders.

What We Do ?

99Jobs Public Affairs team brings a wealth of collective knowledge and experience to provide our clients creative solutions, from customized services to strategic campaigns.  With a complete range of capabilities and tools, we develop coordinated, comprehensive approaches to deliver value and results for our clients.

Focus Area

Our focus is on creating a real measurable impact on client businesses through evidence-based, ideas-driven, result oriented campaigns and equipping corporations with expertise to engage with the government and other key opinion leaders by ethically influencing in the areas of policy advocacy, regulatory landscape, and stakeholder mapping and engagement, while upholding their image and beliefs. We have used our campaign instincts to help the most innovative organizations create game-changing possibilities and solve complex problems. We do this for all types of organizations, in all industries – in the most high-stakes situations.


Our integrated approach helps us provide the best counsel to build, nurture and protect your reputation. Above all, we strongly believe in ethics and integrity being at the core of the communications industry. We strive to create relationships based on trust and reliability, whether for ourselves or our clients.

Embracing complexity and partnering with clients enables us to guide them through a changing, global environment, so they can make an impact and shape the future.


Our seamless team comprises of senior policy advisors who have worked with the government for many years, lawyers, communication specialists, journalists and development experts.

The team is ably supported by top-quality writers and research specialists with a keen interest in policy issues committed to a common purpose and attitude−integrated across practices and centres of expertise−to enable our clients in achieving their business objectives.