Arnab Goswami – A man who never fail with words

For those who don’t know about Arnab

Dominating personality, Strong influencer, outspoken, a great leader and a successful entrepreneur, Arnab goswami is a journalist and an entrepreneur who started his career in 1995 with NDTV. IN 2006 he joined Times Now news channel and currently is the managing director of the news channel – Republic India.

He became popular with his hit debate show “NEWSHOUR” and “Frankly Speaking with Arnab Goswami.  His “NEVER TO FAIL WITH WORDS” attitude helped him reach the heights of success in the world of journalism.

Unknown Facts about Arnab

  1. In 2012, he was awarded the 46th most powerful person by India’s Today
  2. His news channel, Republic India, became the most watched English news channel in the first week of its launch.
  3. Arnab was awarded with the Ramnath Goenka Award for the Journalist of the Year in 2010.
  4. His phrase “Nation wants to know” is very popular.
  5. Arnab has also written a book ‘Combating Terrorism’ depicting the problems in executing the laws against terrorism
  6. Arnab’s  debut interview was with Sonia Gandhi
  7. He has also worked with Telegraph before beginning his career with NDTV.
  8. He is also known as the shouting journalist.
  9. He was stopped from entering his own studio after which he quit Times Now.

His Most popular interviews

  1. Interview with Rahul Gandhi (2014)
  2. Interview with Akshay Kumar (2017)
  3. Arnab Goswami VS Abhijit Mukherjee (2012)

His famous sayings

  1. “I m a journalist and I will die like a journalist not like an imposter looking for tickets from political parties” – Arnab to Ashish Khaitan on Times Now
  2. “All Television (news) means is one sense of idealism and one camera and an audience – nothing else”
  3. “My dream is of an independent media not answerable to anyone but to itself”
  4. “IN a choice between right and wrong, black and white, when facts are starring you in the face – when a gang rape happens and politicians make insensitive comments, don’t be a fence sitter. Don’t exclude your emotions, Don’t exclude your opinions and most importantly , don’t exclude your feelings”


  1. The only man to win an argument with his wife
  2. “If Arnab Goswami is in Jail with Kasab…the hanging won’t happen because Arnab won’t let him complete his sentence!!”
  3. “Rajinikanth once completed his sentence in an Arnab Goswami  interview.”
  4. Arnab Goswami resigns from Times Now. This is his own contribution to control noise pollution

Things to learn from Arnab Goswami?

  1. Raise your voice, no matter whether it is loud or low.
  2. Never see who is right, always look for what is right
  3. Sometimes you can win the race by your strong words
  4. Failures do come, misunderstandings do arise, but never give up
  5. Your attitude defines your personality, so always use it wisely

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